Learn how to use Guerrilla

This is the documentation for Guerrilla - the world’s first hybrid trade execution platform for retail traders. Through the incorporation of automated trading rules and tactics, the platform helps you reduce the risk of errors while executing orders at various trading venues.

Below is a video that provides a 10-minute overview of the most important features of Guerrilla


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Learn how to install Guerrilla Hybrid Trading Platform on your machine and take your trading to the next level.


Tactics (Rules and Plays)

Learn how to create rules and plays which execute orders on your behalf based on your pre-defined instructions.


Dynamic Benches

Learn how to import symbols that meet your criteria from scanners you already love - Finviz, Stockbeep, and Zenscan.


One-Click Options Orders

Learn how to set up buttons and hotkeys that execute option orders in one click, without opening an options chain.