Hello Trader

Are you following your rules consistently?

Guerrilla executes your pre-defined rules on specific assets in different timeframes, reducing risks and mistakes, and freeing up your mind to assess new trading opportunities or post in your trading community

Screenshot of Guerrilla Trading Platform


Have you ever thought, "I wish there was a way I could sell 50% of my position when price touches the 9EMA"? Guerrilla does this for you, even when you are away from your trading seat

Rules & Tactics

Define your desires with tactics, and the platform executes when the conditions are satisfied

Smarter Watchlists

Automated import of symbols from your favorite scanners such as Finviz, Stockbeep, and Zenscans

TradingView Charts

Use the Charting library you know and love with tons of indicators, features, and ability to open unlimited charts

One-Click Options Orders

Why open an option chain to set up a simple vertical spread when you can do it at the click of a button?

Dynamic Quantity Mapping

A "Buy 200" button becomes ineffective at low asset prices. Imagine having buttons like "Buy Small" and "Buy Large" which work flawlessly regardless of the asset price

Combine Multiple Datafeeds

Don't limit yourself to an expensive datafeed. In Guerrilla, you can use a datafeed for equities, and another for options

Built by Traders for Traders

Guerrilla is built by traders who have made and lost sizeable money in the markets. We understand your joys and frustrations. With your feedback, we are committed to building the best possible tool to help you and your loved ones achieve and maintain lasting financial freedom